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yes.... stuff c:.
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inkwaveart replied to your post “If you ever feel like you messed something up remember that once…”

in high school i was paired with an overachiever for a physics lab exam and that is the only test she ever failed in 5 years because she swapped numbers at some point in her calculations :3

inkwaveart replied to your post “If you ever feel like you messed something up remember that once…”

i guess u had~~other things in your mind~~

Oh wooow that… really sucks ;A;.

I suppose stress does that to most of us, what a dumb mistake though, it was pretty devastating then but now when I think of it it’s pretty fucking hilarious.

And yes, I’ve had other things on my mind, like wanting to be fucking done with this fucking math exam and going fucking home.

If you ever feel like you messed something up remember that once during a math exam I kept writing “69” in my calculations instead of “96” and kept getting the wrong answer over and over and over and never realized it.

Until the exam ended.

I failed it pretty damn badly.


Someone please draw a flying squirrel (and/or sugar glider) in Arno’s robes.
I mean honestly, look at him—

(gifs by gameage )

Compared to


Arno the sugar glider!

Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood - Multiplayer Characters pt.1


cant touch this

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Holy shit omg wow you can send fan mail through different blogs.


Hmm… the fact that you will probably run around and kill assassins in AC Rogue interests me.

However… the fact that it’s by the same Ubisoft studio that made AC Liberation… makes me doubt the quality of the game.


Фридрих фон Амерлинг - Портрет Элизы Крюцбергер

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Assassin’s Creed Rogue announcement trailer