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Hello there c:, I'm Alex and instead of posting art I reblog stuff...
yes.... stuff c:.
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Day 3: Theme - Fish Person


Another doodle… an undersea mermaid chick thing… idk.

I don’t know I don’t feel like I’m spending enough time on these ;A;.

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J. S. Bach - Flute Sonata in G minor, BWV1020, I.Allegro

Andrea Oliva, flute; Angela Hewitt, piano

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this cat needs to go back to shadowclan where it belongs

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these fuckin stormcloaks can suck my


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Day 2: Theme- Plant people

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Rise my brothers, we are blessed by steel.

(In my sword I trust)

Arm yourselves, the truth shall be revealed

(In my sword I trust)

Tyrants and cowards for metal you will kneel.

(In my sword I trust)

Till justice and reason we’ll wield.

(In my sword I trust)

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Dammit Val I though we agreed on quick doodles. Oh well… yours looks amazing, any idea for the next theme?

Also sorry I just copy pasted your tags o3o.


Day 1- Theme: These bitchy elves from Skyrim

Eeeeh I keep missing those events on the AC4 multiplayer events.

It’s like… when I play there are no events, but the moment I go and play another game suddenly there’s a fucking event going on and fuuuck.